Raise your skiing to new heights! Ski powder and hard pack with style and confidence! Ski longer and feel less tired with contemporary technique! Or just have fun and ski with experienced, certified coaches.

SKILLFULS is a great season long coaching program for adult members of the Club. SKILLFULS is designed for all skier levels, from the aspiring intermediate with the desire to improve, to the advanced skier needing only a bit of fine tuning. Join us even if you haven't skied for a while or need a little encouragement to get back on the boards. SKILLFULS is the perfect way to get back into the sport.

The classes blend solid, technical instruction provided by our PSIA and USSA trained coaches, with miles and miles of free skiing on all types of terrain. SKILLFULS focuses on sound fundamentals for contemporary dynamic skiing. Best of all, the coaching is tailored to your specific needs. Here are just a few of the benefits SKILLFULS provides:

• Improves your skiing while having fun in a relaxed social group. 
• Ski with the same pro all season in small, results oriented classes 
• Broad range of class levels from aspiring intermediate to expert. 
• Flexibility to change coaches as your skill improves. 
• Discover new and different terrain and conditions.
• Cost effective lessons with PSIA and USSA certified professionals.
• Make new friends with fellow Ski Club members

All classes are conducted as a mountain style class, seeking a balance of both technical and free skiing. 
• Eleven mountain style classes, 
• Three hours each with 7 to 9 skiers/class
• All classes start at 9:00a.m. out front of KSC

Schedule for the 2019-2020 Season
The schedule is arranged to get you on snow early and often, and avoid as many black out days as possible. And don't worry about missing an occasional class. You're encouraged to work with your coach and group to fine tune your particular groups schedule. 


Recreational Racing 
Never been in the gates? Try it for some fun! For those who want to get in the gates, a race course will be set up during one session for the members of SKILLFULS. The SKILLFULS coaches will set the course and provide racing tips. 

Barbecues & Parties for SKILLFULS Participants
As a member of SKILLFULS, we have a cookout at the Club especially for you, plus our traditional end-of-year party at a local pub on the mountain. 

Each coach will videotape their class at strategic points during the year and analyze the tape in the Club Video Center. A great way to see your progress. After all, you are the only person who hasn't seen you ski. 

Private Lessons 
Private lessons are available to all SKILLFULS members of any ability at a small additional cost. Contact Gordy about dates and times.

How do I Start? 
It couldn't be easier. You sign up for SKILLFULS on the Club Membership Form and complete a Release Form. This can be done on you original membership application, or you can amend your membership form to include SKILLFULS if you have submitted it already. Either way, it's simple. Contact Gordy directly for more information.

How Much Is It? 
The season long program including the eleven sessions and all other benefits is $300. The cost of a 11/2 hour private lesson is $50.

Coaches' Bios
The SKILLFULS coaches are all accomplished, passionate ski teachers, with many years of coaching experience. All are PSIA certified with great skiing credentials, and most with the highest level of PSIA certification attainable. Best of all, they are all fellow members at the Club. Following is a brief snippet of each coach. VIEW BIOS