Coach Bios

The SKILLFULS coaches are all accomplished, passionate ski teachers, with many years of coaching experience. All are PSIA certified with great skiing credentials, and most with the highest level of PSIA certification attainable. Best of all, they are all fellow members at the Club. Following is a brief snippet of each coach.

Program Coordinator & Coach

Gordy Brewster (PSIA Certification Level III) heads up the SKILLFULS program. He mixes clear, easily understood technical exercises for an all-mountain learning experience. Gordy has been a coach for Skillfuls since the beginning of the program. Days: 978-526-4395 • 978-526-4395; Nights: 617-233-6746 • 617-233-6746;

Sandy Deitch (PSIA Certification Level III) focuses on race style carving and bump skiing. She provides strong technical, individualized, and insightful instruction on all terrain in varied snow conditions. Her group covers lots of mileage at a fast pace.

Bryan Hopkins (PSIA Certification Level III) is a long time race coach in the Killington Competition Program and brings his many years of race coaching experience to SKILLFULS. He offers fast skiing, carving and drills for efficient and dynamic turns on all terrain.

Doug Paulding (PSIA Certification Level I) brings abundant energy to a "follow me" approach. He pushes the boundaries of high speed skiing, carving, bumps and jumps, on the most difficult terrain on the mountain.

Nancy McGrath
(PSIA Certification Level II) leads her group of open track parallel skiers to more dynamic, advanced skiing through sound technical exercises. Join her if you want to have fun, gain new skills and more confidence.

George Spangler
(PSIA Certification Level III) blends dynamic free skiing with advanced contemporary movements and individualized feedback to elevate skiers to a higher skill level. Enjoy mountain experiences; attain your goals and strength confidence in all terrain and conditions.