Membership Policy


After much deliberation, the board will be implementing the following membership changes effective this season. As we are all aware it has been a balancing act in trying to maintain a quality experience and at the same time keep our doors open to new athletes and their families.

Social Memberships:

Those who have been social members and on the full membership waiting list will be offered the opportunity to become full members this season. Moving forward the “social membership” status will be discontinued due to the club facilities reaching maximum capacity for fire codes and other state regulations. At this time, we cannot guarantee lockers or cubbies to those social members or waiting list applicants who join. Your opportunity to receive these amenities will be based upon existing member resignations, availability and date order of your application.

Applicants for Membership:

KSC will accept new members by date order of their application submission, limiting the total number based on our capacity requirements. The remaining applicants will remain on the waiting list and be accepted on a one-out one-in basis in accordance with the new membership policies. New applications will require an active member referral, and if accepted, will follow the date order procedure as outlined above.

Non-Member Athletes - Participation in Programs:

Previously, for an athlete to join the Development Programs the family had to be a full or social member. KSC has always had a mission of supporting athletes, and the club made every effort to accept all incoming athletes by creating the social membership classification. The intention was to limit the usage of the club to the Johnny O room downstairs, thereby controlling the maximum occupancy requirements in the upstairs portion of the club. This approach did not prove out as it is almost impossible to regulate. KSC wanted the athletes to be able to stay with their group so implementing what we thought was a reasonable approach did not work out as planned.

We want to remain true to our mission statement and never turn away an athlete who wants to participate in programs. To do this we will now allow an athlete to participate in programs for an $80 annual fee. A host family for each of these athletes under the age of 13 will be needed. This change in policy is an option for all those who are currently social members who will be offered full membership status as well as those who are currently on the waiting list and want their children to participate in programs. These athletes will not have access to lockers or cubbies, rather just the rights to participate in programs and use of the club facilities.

KSC keeps close track of the membership numbers, and occupancy in the club on an annual basis as we are required to do. The above changes in membership policy will effectively have little to no impact on the overall number of members and athletes using our facilities for this coming season.  

Thank you for your consideration

Michael Castellini, President KSC