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1. All participants should be members of USSA and must be members of the Killington Ski Club. All participants and parents must read the Code of Conduct forms.

2. Helmets are mandatory for all athletes for training sessions, as well as, all of the events in which we participate. No athlete will be allowed on the hill without a helmet. No exceptions. We mandate the use of helmets for all program participants regardless of age ability and accomplishments.

3. In order to run a safe and productive program The KSC/KMS Competition Programs will use the 1, 2, 3 Strike Discipline Policy. This discipline policy maintains that each participant will have three chances to correct any disciplinary problems that arise:
A. First "strike", your parent will be called by the coach and the transgression will be reported.
     This will be recorded on your file and the Program Director will be notified.
B. Second "strike", you and your parents will be asked to meet with the coach and the Program
     Director to discuss the first and second transgression and to make a plan to avoid any future
     misbehavior. The notes from this meeting will also be documented in your file.
C. Third "strike", you're out! We will notify your parents that the participant has been dismissed
     from the program. There will be no refund.

4. Causes for disciplinary action may include, but are not limited to:
A. Continued and willful disobedience;
B. Open defiance of the authority of any coach;
C. Conduct of such character as to constitute a continuing danger to the physical well
     being of other participants;
D. Physical or verbal assault upon another participant or upon any instructor or other club employee;
E. Taking, or attempting to take, personal property or money from another participant or from his
     presence, by means of force or fear;
F. Willfully causing, or attempting to cause substantial damage to mountain, ski club or KMS property.

5. Athletes must be on time and prepared for training and competitions.

6. The use of cell phones and headphones is prohibited during training and competition.

7. Athletes must come prepared to dress for weather on the hill and for scheduled activities such as dry land training.

8. Athletes must have equipment that is appropriate for them and it should be professionally inspected.

9. Athletes must bring their Season's Pass daily.

10. Athletes must abide by the rules and policies set forth by Killington Resort and all mountains that we visit.

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